The AMDA Online program of online forums and conferences is designed to create connections and promote partnerships for industry, defence and government through the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The “Rebuilding Aviation in the Post Pandemic World” online summit on 29 October will be the first in an ongoing series of online events including strategic summits, interactive forums and direct Australian and international business-to-business engagement.

In this time of limited travel and in-person connection, it is more important than ever to bring industry, government, defence and academia together in settings that promote the exchange of ideas, showcase capability, promote engagement and build awareness.

Across four decades, AMDA Foundation has achieved these goals by delivering Australia's premier industry expositions such as the Australian International Airshow and Aerospace & Defence Exposition (AVALON), LAND FORCES International Land Defence Exposition, INDO PACIFIC International Maritime Exposition, ROTORTECH Helicopter and Unmanned Flight Exposition and CIVSEC International Civil Security Conference.

AMDA has built strong relationships within the industry development community and has earned a reputation for providing effective platforms for engagement in the national interest.

The Foundation is now applying these attributes to delivering online events with the same level of professionalism and effectiveness that our partners have come to expect from our in-person expositions.

AMDA Online events will create a range of engagement opportunities across technology, industry development, international market access and innovation.

Previous Events:

Rebuilding Aviation in the Post Pandemic World summit